Welcome, Bros. Roll Initiative.

It was a simple winter morning in Erethor. Some have just arrived in Erethor, while others have begun to call it home. Whatever the reason Fate wove Her threads in such a way that brought this group to the grand market on this particular day is, and may very well remain, a mystery.

An elf, who put more drinks in herself the day before than there are hours in the day.

A dragonborn, leaving home to save his family.

A human, selling the goods off her ship for another day's work.

A dragonborn, fleeing the violence of their family.

A tiefling, traveling the world in search of his one true love and best friend.

This group brought together by a pleading gnome woman and baker, motivated by a daughter gone missing. The group soon to be known as the Murder of Bros set out on their epic quest. Their travels brought them across the land, where they met a new friend.

A half-orc, orphaned and longing for adventure.

Where will the Bros go next, and what will be there waiting for them? Each new piece uncovered only fuels the fire of discovery as the puzzle grows into a web that spans the world as they know it, and even beyond.

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